Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because this is a daily diary (at least in intention) I've been restricting myself to photos from the date of posting. (Which is why it turns out not to be daily at all - one can go backwards with words but not in time.)

Today, I'm opening a Bleeding Heart. To do this it makes sense to show the whole plant first but it's raining so I'll make an exception and use a photo taken on 22nd March. It looks much the same now; perhaps a little battered - but not a lot.

Bleeding Hearts on 22nd March 2011
plus cat walking on wall
above a pile of sticks and leaves
which won't rot but have been left
as an over-wintering place for 'creatures'.
Look your last - it's about to go!

On 10th March Victoria left a comment to say Bleeding Hearts is sometimes called 'Lady in the Bath' because if you peel back the petals, you find a naked lady.

These are very beautiful flowers and it's taken me this long to go on the attack.

First - a single flower.

Take its skirts off and . . . 

I'm not an expert in naked ladies but the resemblance doesn't seem striking. Maybe you disagree?

And now to today's events. (Oh, what an exciting life I lead!)

I've a packet of Kelvedon Wonder peas - expiry date 2005.

I don't need many pea plants but  there's not space for lots of possibly empty pots so on Sunday (it's now Thursday) I decided to start some as if they were mung beans or alfalfa salad srouts. (In other words, put them in a pot and rinse them daily.)

Out of sixteen peas, six, so far, have sprouted (so they can be planted) one has rotted (so it won't) and I'll wait a little longer for the rest.

(They smell horrible.)

Parsley - This can be slow and irritating when it comes to germination but I find it does best on damp loo paper in a container in the airing cupboard. (A plastic margarine carton with little holes in the top suits them well.)

Parsley seeds are 2mm long
- at the most.
First signs of germination!

I'll leave things a little longer - then move seedlings into earth.

(I'm trying to hold my nerve here. There may be a moment when everything dies!)

* * *


easygardener said...

Hmmm...I am not sure that it is a lady (or indeed a female) that comes to mind :-)

Alison said...

Your naked lady looks more like a ballerina to me!

Elephant's Eye said...

It's more of a bisexual 'chick with a d**k' isn't it? Either way her legs look very uncomfortable.

I prefer the poem on the other blog ;~)

Wendy said...

She looks sort of ethereal, doesn't she? Or like a water-fall lady. Cool, anyway. I like this post.

Helen said...

I *heart* our lady-in-the-bathtub, too. Perhaps she should be Our Lady of the Bathtub? Thanks for the parsley seed-starting tip. I'm going to be trying parsley from seed for the first time.

Casa Mariposa said...

There actually is a Southern American plant called Naked Ladies. It's a type of lily, I think. I grow my parsley by throwing the seeds in the potting soil when it's still cool and rainy out. They start growing in a few weeks or so.

Bernard said...

I think another name is -
"Dutchman's breeches", isn't it?
It looks to me more like a Russian Cossack dancer!

Esther Montgomery said...

Dear Everyone - I have just replied to you all - nice, cheerful, friendly and pertinent replies - but we are having trouble with the internet today and when I pressed 'publish', a notice came up to say 'Sorry . . .' . . then something I can't remember because I was so put out. Grrrrrrrrrrr . . . If I try to write it all again, it will sound out stilted so I hope you will forgive me if I simply thank you for your comments on this occasion.

Next post is up


P.S. I am sitting at the top of the stairs with my laptop because it's the only place in the house with anything resembling a connection this afternoon!

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